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  I encourage anyone who's on deviantART to join the new group #Twelve-Kingdoms!

We look forward to your art, cosplay and fic! ♥
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About Otaku Booty: OtakuBooty is the meeting place for fans of anime, gaming, manga and cosplay. We have one of the most entertaining and intelligent anime-related communities on the Internet and we want you to try it out.

Since your friend is recommending you, we're giving you a paid memberhship that won't cost you a thing. It's our treat. You don't have to provide any credit card info to sign up, either... we just want you to give it a try and have fun!
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I rewatched 12K this past week. Man, I'd forgotten what a good series it was. Anyway, my marathon inspired me draw an image I've had in my head since my first go at the series:

Click to DA:

Characters: Gyousou, Kaname Takasato
Rating: Worksafe

Speculation piece (no spoilers)

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have you submit your petition for juunikokki update?


I would love to see Taiki in the anime some more, and know what happen to him next on the novels. How about you?
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Next weekend at Otakon there is a 12 Kingdoms cosplay photoshoot planned for Friday, August 4th at 7:30pm at the lower level fountains. Thread we are trying to organize who is wearing what is at http://forums.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=88199

And an extra, I have uploaded short vid of seiyuu Aya Hisakawa discussing getting part of Youko in Juuni Kokki at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYXFVETvA4c
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Haven't posted here before, though being a longtime lurker. ^^ I bring a gift!


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Hi, I just want to ask: how many of you will be interested in a Juuni Kokki stamping community? I'm thinking of making one and probably opening it some time this summer (in July or August). The only thing is, there are many many characters in Juuni Kokki and I haven't watched the anime in quite awhile (though I am going to rewatch it come summer break), so I'd really appreciate it if someone would like to help out. I need the full list of characters (anime only) and if possible, brief descriptions of their personalities as well. Also, it would be wonderful if someone could also make screencaps. ^__^;;
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Someone needed art?

I'm russian too. I love first season soooo much, but I don't know anything bout second. Maybe somebody can tell bout that?
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Hello! I`m a new member in this community. I live in Russia and don`t have a chance to find Juuni Kokuki novels here. Please tell me, can I buy them in English translation in web stores?


May. 24th, 2005 06:10 pm
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Does anyone know where I can find character art from the series Juuni kokki/ The Twelve Kingdoms?

I would like to cosplay the char known as Sekishi or Yoko but I am having trouble finding art that shows the layers of her traditional outfit worn when she is addressing the kingdom. In the cut I have some screen captures of the outfit I'm talking about.

Sekishi~! )
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Twelve Kingdoms
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